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    Baby´s Hardware - Is your Premium specialist Handel with a repair and cleaning service in Frankfurt.

    Stroller from Emmaljunga & car seats from Kiddy, and Romans.

    You can test all of the products and you will receive my exclusive advice. I look forward to seeing you! Michael Stern !!!

    Warranty and repair:
    The workshop focuses primarily on the selling brands. Since the inception of my business I give the car to all of the purchased kids and car seats 2 years warranty. I can agree to that guarantee, because I can perform in my workshop, many of the repairs yourself. My Service motto is: Broken to fix unless, of course, possible – immediately. This is me, also for me is not feasible, I will then give you a replacement car available. So you don't have to do without in case of emergency, for a longer period of time on a car, or a child seat.

    Cleaning and maintenance:
    Very happy also the Service is Clean "and Overtake you" from my customers. Especially before the birth of the second child is a Cutting of the stroller or car seat is usually necessary. Here, as far as possible all fabric has been cleaned parts of me as well as the frame disassembled and thoroughly cleaned of dirt and grime free. Then dope and I fat all the necessary components and exchange of defective or worn parts. Thus, the second - and third-born child enjoys the same Hygiene and comfort conditions, as their first child!

    Authorized dealer for the following brands:
    - Emmaljunga
    - Maclaren
    - Romans
    - Kiddy

    Baby's Hardware
    Pipe Creek road 42
    60389 Frankfurt am Main

    Telephone (069) 94 59 25 04
    Fax (069) 94 59 25 06

    Opening hours
    Monday-Friday 10.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 18.30
    Saturday 10.00 - 16.00

    Owner: Michael Stern

    Language for communication:
    Deutsch English
    Distance to ad:
    6551 Km
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