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    The Hair Studio Elvir in the Frankfurt focuses on working with the hair of the customers and provides appealing and stylish hairstyles on the minds of many people. Especially women can always find their way back into this Hairstudio, since it is a comprehensive Service around the duration of the shaft and the Extensions . Do you want a new hairstyle or want a makeover, you're in the Haarstudio Elvir to the right place. Well-trained and well-trained employees ensure the well-being of the hair and even the scalp. This can recognize the hairdressers at the hair Studio, the texture of the hair and see what hairstyles these hair strands at all. For example, before a wedding, this procedure can be very important.

    The Haarstudio Elvir in Frankfurt takes very a lot of time for the customer, and cares more about the hair texture. In addition to the normal Cut, the Wash and Blow dry in the hair Studio. For special evenings also a beautician is not present. Here, however, to arrange an appointment. In General, the works Haarstudio Elvir with the Appointments. But the short-term wishes can be fulfilled immediately. For men, there is a separate area where only the Cutting of hair takes place. Here, it is not usually very fast, so a date for a man is also necessary. From time to time you should adjust to longer waiting times.

    Price list

    Men's cut+ Styling: 18 €
    Hair cut, wash, stylen, shaving: 30 €
    Children's hair cut: 18 €
    Beard trim: 5 €
    Beard, wet shave: 5 €
    Beard, wet shave with the Form: 10 €
    Eyebrows with machine cut: 2 €

    Konstabler-Arcaden Passage
    Vilbelerstr. 27
    60313 Frankfurt am Main
    069 90754389
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